Byron Newman

at the Shoot The Centerfold Workshop

Camera Stew Podcast Episode 007


Byron Newman was born in London UK and studied photography at the London College of Printing. His first major project was to launch and design DELUXE Quarterly magazine in the late 70’s. Then moving to Paris he was appointed art director of the french and american editions of MODE INTERNATIONAL.

Editorial clients include LUI  and playboy USA, to whom he was contracted for twenty-five years.

He has had four books of his work published in Europe the USA and Japan, including ‘The Ultimate Angels’, a photo reportage study of a transgender community in Paris.

Other works  were in the field of advertising, portraiture and publicity for motion pictures.

In his spare times he plays guitar and sings in the rock group SENIOR SERVICE currently gigging around the UK.

“I think one of the secrets of being successful is if you image is instantly recognizable as yours."

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Photo of Davie Bowie taken very early in his career.


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Byron’s book “The Ultimate Angels” published in 1984. In 1981 Byron and his wife Brigitte Ariel photograph the transgender street prostitution of Paris.


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Byron’s book Landscape Of A Woman – erotic novel is now available as an ebook.


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What do you do now photographically?

I photograph on an iPad.