Dave Gallagher

at the Shoot The Centerfold Workshop

Camera Stew Podcast Episode 010


Our guest for this episode is Dave Gallager. In May of 1991 Dave graduated from RIT with a Bachelors of Science degree in Imaging Technology.

His first digital image was taken with a Kodak camera. It was a 1.3 Mega pixel beast fitted to the back of a Nikon F3 tethered to a 15 pound Digital Storage Unit hanging over his shoulder. It was ugly, heavy, and slow,……. but he was hooked. He felt thrilled and honored to have the absolute latest technology in imaging. The concept of electronic pixels amazed him.

Fast forward 25 years, Dave now works long hours at an industry-leading company, Capture Integration in Atlanta Georgia. Dave’s company is at the forefront of digital capture distribution and his clients are some of the worlds best photographers. Take a look at CaptureIntegration.com to find out more about Dave and his terrific company.

“I picked up the camera and it was the perfect balance for me. I had some technical talents and some creative talents”

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