Steve Ruegnitz

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Camera Stew Podcast Episode 012


Steve Ruegnitz is an American photographer who specializes in fine art, glamour and commercial photography.

Steve grew up in Castro Valley, California. He graduated from the California Polytechnic State University with a degree in Journalism in 1974 and from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey with a Masters in Telecommunications Systems Management in 1984.

Steve spent 13 years in the US army finishing his career as a Lieutenant Colonel. He then spent another 28 years in the financial industry as a tech executive.

Throughout his career he has always had a passion  for photography. And in recent years, found opportunities to study with Cole Weston, Arny Freytag, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, David Mecey, Guido Karp and others.  All supported and encouraged him to push his work and seriously consider moving from his technology career to photography. With the support of family and friends he began to pursue photography full time.

Steve Ruegnitz now has two studios, one outside New York in New Jersey and another in Florida. Steve has also been published in various editions of Playboy in Europe.

"This is probably a scam... but the people really were who they said they were... and that's where it really began for me."

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“With hair and makeup, she’s as close to a Marlin Monroe look alike as you’re going to see in modern form.”


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“I got 10 pages in (Playboy) Croatia with Stormi who is here are the seminar.”

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Steve expanded into fashion photography with amazing results.